Pure at Heart - the Isabelle Lightwood fanlisting

About Isabelle Lightwood

Isabelle Lightwood is a Nephilim. She is Jace Wayland's adoptive sister, and she has two biological brothers. She is the middle child in the Lightwood family. Her parents are Maryse and Robert Lightwood, who were once in the Circle with Valentine until the Uprising - her older brother is Alec and her younger brother is Max.

Isabelle is rebellious and often dates Downworlders to get attention from her parents (She had a short-lived relationship with vampire Simon Lewis, and a past relationship with the faerie knight Meliorn).
Isabelle's weapon of choice is a silvery-golden whip, given to her by her father on her twelfth birthday.

Isabelle at first shares the Lightwood family's snobbish attitude toward Mundanes and Downworlders however after meeting Clary and Simon, her attitude towards Mundanes begins to change as she befriends them and forms a romantic relationship with Simon. She is somewhat traumatised after he gets turned into a rat.

Isabelle is very beautiful and as such is also vain and narcissistic but retains some insecurities. She is sensitive about her formidable height and wishes that she were smaller and more delicate. Isabelle has a great sense of style and is very fashion conscious. She is also somewhat promiscuous and often has sex to improve her mood, making love to Simon after the death of her brother, Max.

Isabelle is portrayed as haughty and sometimes bitchy but still a warm, loving individual. She is arguably the most mature of the Lightwood children and as such adopts something of a maternal role towards them, even her elder brother, Alec. Despite her narcissistic attitude, Isabelle is very loyal to her family, particularly Alec. She is one of the few people in the world to be aware of his sexuality and the two are very close.

Isabelle also possesses a fiery temper which numerous characters are victims of. In spite of her mature and refined nature, she has a habit of throwing temper tantrums and locking herself in her room when things go wrong, flinging objects at people when they intrude on her solitude. Isabelle is a fiercely loyal friend but is volatile and prone to mood swings.