Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane are good friends, as well as cousins. They are both clever and have similar tendencies. They do have their differences, though. For instance, Lois did not share Chloe's passion for investigative reporting at first. Chloe was so sure of Lois's lack of interest in journalism, that she had some of her stories printed under cousin's name.
After Chloe was murdered, Lois came to Smallville seeking vengeance. Lois and Clark Kent found Chloe alive, and Lois remained in Smallville. Because she failed to earn enough credits to attend Metropolis University, Lois briefly enrolled at Smallville High, and had to work on the school paper for the much-needed credits. Chloe gave her story assignments, despite Lois's reluctance.
Lois and Chloe worked together on the Daily Planet, until Chloe left but they continue to work together on occasion and their relationship is still as tight as ever.

Written by J.j.