About Stefan & Elena

Elena Gilbert (Book Series)
A 17-year-old beautiful and popular girl in high school with blond hair and blue eyes. There are repeated references to her looking like an angel.
Over the course of the series, Elena transforms from a shallow, self-centered "ice queen" to a more loving, open-minded person; Bonnie has commented in Elena's diary when she died the first time that she was far from perfect, and she was never the angel, but she was a good person.
She dumps Matt Honeycutt right around when school starts, feeling that though he is the perfect boyfriend, she feels no sparks in the relationship. Elena is madly in love with Stefan Salvatore, though she does recognize that she also has feelings for Damon, his brother.
Stefan was the first to breeze by Elena, ignoring her beauty, though he was trying his best to stay away from her, making comparisons between her and Katherine, though he realizes that beneath the looks, they are totally different people.

Stefan Salvatore (Book Series)
He is classically handsome, with dark, wavy hair and green eyes. Stefan is tortured by his vampirism and by Katherine's death, thinking that it was his fault, until falling in love with Elena, Stefan does not believe that he can be redeemed.
Though he does not think he is good enough for Elena, he would fight for her love if she accepts. Elena offers for him to feed off of her, which is an amazing experience, though he fights it, he gives into temptation.

Relationship (TV Show)

Elena is the spitting image of Stefan's old, lost love, Katherine.
Stefan returns to Mystic Falls after learning about Elena's existence, in order to get to know her.

Elena is excited when Stefan arrives in Mystic Falls, and is determined to get to know him - they very quickly form a bond and are attracted to each other from the get-go.